Freezerless Refrigerators

Freezerless refrigerators are great for those needing to chill large quantities of food.  Many applications require this, but do not have a requirement for freezing functionality.  In situations like this an all-refrigerator (or refrigerator without freezer) makes a whole lot of sense.

Shoppers looking for a quality freezerless refrigerator have many brands to choose from in todays’ market place.  I briefly explore some of the better options below.

GE Monogram Freezerless Refrigerator Options

The GE Monogram product lineup includes quite a few 36″ built-in Freezerless Fridges.  With a generous 21.4 cu. Ft. of refrigerated space the GE Monogram ZIRP360NXLH, ZIR360NXLH, ZIRS360NXLH, ZIR360NXRH, ZIRZ360NXRH, and ZIRP360NXRH come complete with all the features you would expect from this premium brand.

If you are looking for a smaller option then I heartily recommend the GE Monogram ZIF240P; which is small refrigerator great for tight spaces.  Also on offer is the ZDOD240P, an all-refrigerator unit suitable for outdoor use.

Sub Zero Freezerless Refrigerators

The firm Sub Zero is well represented in the stand-alone refrigerator arena.  At 36 inches in width, both the Sub Zero BI36R and the Sub-Zero 636TR are very appealing integrated refrigerators.  Also on offer is the BI36GR, a glass door refrigerator with similar attributes to the BI36R.

Compact Sub Zero refrigerator models include the IC27R and 7002R.  These small energy efficient fridges are great additions if you have a high-end home, but they are rather expensive.

Whirlpool and Frigidaire Freezerless Refrigerators

Whirlpool Freezerless Refrigerators reviews are somewhat mixed, but the EL88TRRWS garners relatively positive comments.  This particular unit provides almost 18 cu. Ft of refrigerated space in a 30-inch wide footprint, and has a style metallic finish.

Fans of Frigidaire refrigerators do not have to do without either, there is a wide range of stand alone refrigerators available from this manufacturer.  At 17.6 cu ft. in capacity, the Frigidaire FRU17B2JW and FRU17G4JW are relatively large for the low-end models.  For extra space, the Professional FPRH19D7LF offers over 18 cubic feet of storage.

For commercial users I recommend the heavy-duty food service grade FCRS201RFB and FCRS201LFB, which feature close to 20 cubic feet of refrigeration capacity apiece.  These appliances are available with glass doors so make great display refrigerators.

Liebherr Stand Alone Refrigerator Models

Liebherr – which is somewhat of a boutique manufacturer – provides a selection of 24 inch wide built in refrigerators suitable for high priced kitchen renovations. Their models include the energy star rated Liebherr R1410, RB1410, RBI1410 and RI1410.  These units do not come cheap however.


Thermador All Refrigerator Models

Another top end manufacturer is Thermador, but their products are generally very high quality. They offer freezerless refrigerators in widths of both 2 feet and 2.5 feet. The TR24IR70NSP – wood fronted – and T24BR70FSE – stainless steel – are two very attractive refrigerator only units.

For extra capacity, opt for the 30 inch models, the T30IR70NSP and the T30BR70FSE refrigerator without freezer models.  Any of these units will serve a homeowner well.

Viking Freezerless Refrigerators

Viking is very proud of its freezerless refrigerators, something that is immediately obvious from the prices they charge!  Included in their popular selection are a couple of built-in units from their Professional selection, the VCRB536RX and VCRB536LX 36 inch models. Also available are some similar integrated Viking refrigerator models, the VIRB536RX and VIRB536LX.

If you have a smaller kitchen, any of these more compact 30-inch models make a great freezerless refrigerator option – the VCRB530LX, VIRB530RX and VCRB530RX.

Northland and Miele Refrigerators without Freezers

While relatively unknown, even these manufactures offer refrigerators without freezers. Northland has a range of units that is quite extensive, ranging from 18 to 36 inches in width. The 18ARW and 18ARS are great if you need a narrow refrigerator for your kitchen.

At 24 inches wide the 24ARW and 24ARS offer a bit more space.  For a full sized unit consider the relatively large 36ARW and 36ARS, two fine Northland refrigerator offerings.

The Miele refrigerator selection includes the 36-inch Independence K1901, an integrated freezerless refrigerator.  A slightly smaller option is the Miele Independence K1801, which is merely 30 inches wide.

.Electrolux Freezerless Refrigerator Choices

There are only two all refrigerator selections available from Electrolux.  First comes the ICON Professional E32AR75JPS, and secondly the IQ-Touch EI32AR65JS.  Size wise these are almost identical – width of 32 inches, capacity of 18.6 cu ft. – but the ICON model costs somewhat more, and has additional features.

Summit Chest Refrigerator Options

Summit is relatively unique in this field, as it offers some freezerless refrigerators in chest format.  These can be very energy efficient, which makes them popular in off grid situations.

Labeled as commercial, the Summit SCFR150, SCFR220 and SCFR260 offer from 15 to 23 cubic feet of refrigerated space in chest form.  This is a convenient configuration that is quite viable when floor space is not limited.

Summit also produces regular upright refrigerators without freezers.  In this range the Summit Commercial SCUR17 and SCUR20 good options, and are engineered for heavy usage.  For home applications, the less expensive R17FF is another good offering.

Clearly, there is no shortage of great freezerless refrigerators available to buyers.  With this list at your fingertips, you should have no trouble finding the right model for your needs!

Refrigerator Reviews

Exploring a good refrigerator review website is a critical step in the purchase of a new fridge freezer.  These appliances are major purchases, and it only makes sense to do your research before investing large sums of cash in a new product.

There are many different aspects to consider when looking for a well-reviewed refrigerator.  These items do not just include the quality and reputation of the model, but also the practicality of its design and concerns about its size.

Choosing A Refrigerator Style

Fridge freezers come in all sorts of different configurations.  Top mounted and bottom mounted freezer units’ good options.  Top mount are cheaper, but bottom freezer units are more energy efficient.  Other options include side-by-side refrigerators, and the premium high-end French door styles are very popular of late.  Any well-written fridge review should provide details on the configuration of the particular refrigerator model.

Selecting The Right Refrigerator Size

Size matters; there is no questioning that.  Before going out and buying the largest refrigerator you can afford however, you need to be sure that the appliance you will be buying is practical.  Measure carefully the area where you will be performing the installation, and make sure the model you are looking at will fit nicely into that area.

Refrigerator to Freezer Ratios

Different households have different priorities when it comes to chilling or freezing food.  If your family eats a lot of fresh food, you might want to opt for a refrigerator with a small freezer – perhaps even a freezerless refrigerator.  On the other hand, if your dietary habits are rather carnivorous, you should emphasize freezer space so as to ensure sufficient storage for bulk-frozen meats.

Refrigerator Energy Efficiency

It is always a good idea to purchase a more energy efficient fridge freezer over a more wasteful unit.  Seek out Energy Star rated models and your ongoing operating costs will be lower, and your wallet will thank you.  A decent refrigerator review will discuss energy usage in comparison to other models.

Fridge Freezer Functionality

Reviews are one of the best methods of getting unbiased opinions of the quality of the functionality for a refrigerator freezer you are considering purchasing.  Someone speaking from personal experience can give you their marketing-free thoughts on the usability of the freezer space, or if the interior temperatures are consistent throughout the unit.

Refrigerator Costs

The cost of a refrigerator is not something you should rely on a review for.  You can get an idea of the price, but then you should shop around to identify the best value for the particular appliance.  Be sure, however, to stick to reputable retailers.

Whether you seek quality brands like GE Monogram, or discounted units from Wal-Mart, it is worth your time to check what reviews have to say about a particular model before purchasing.



Why Its Better To Repair Instead Of Replace

Living on a budget can mean learning to do things yourself or make items in your home last longer with repair instead of replacing them. Appliances in your home are one of the best places to make this repair instead of replace change. Finding trusted appliance repair companies will allow you to save a lot of money as you are able to repair instead of replace expensive appliances in your home.

A home with a water heater that is 20 years old will likely need to have it replaced as repair work cannot help to improve its overall efficiency and function. Plus, a water heater will start to have sediment build-up over the years and after it passes it’s life expectancy it only causes you to spend more to heat the water in your home. Having a certified professional come out and look at your appliances can truly help you in repairing them and ensuring that they will be able to work effectively for your home’s needs and to keep your heating and cooling costs down as well. Here are some reasons why you need to consider some repair tips:

  • With heating, air conditioning, & refrigeration maintenance you’ll find that simply following annual maintenance tips will not only help lower repair costs, but in fact will ensure that your systems are working efficiently to save you energy costs as well.
  • Here are just a few things you can do at home to prolong the life of you appliances and avoid costly repairs:
    • Change or clean filters regularly
    • Keep coils, intakes, and areas around appliances clean
    • Check major components for wear
    • When you have an appliance that begins to show signs of problems, address them quickly. The sooner a potential problem is taken care of the less the potential cost will be. Quickly addressing even small problems or concerns can prevent larger ones from happening.

If an appliance stops working at optimal level, or has a significant problem it becomes time to weigh the cost comparisons to repair verses replacement. Most often repairing the appliance will cost significantly less than replacement. When the cost of parts or repair service are within a small amount of replacement it is then good to consider both the age of the appliance, the reliability of other parts within the appliance, and the energy efficiency of the appliance. If you determine that the appliance has other parts that are showing signs of failure, the energy efficiency level is low, or the appliance is so old it will become something that needs to be repaired often; then it is time to consider a new appliance purchase. In most instances, appliance maintenance and repair verses a new purchase is an important choice to make when living on a budget.

Any time you plan on working on your home’s heating and cooling system, you need to have the right Craftsman parts to do the job. Having a set of high quality tools will help you to maintain your home to ensure that your appliances are all working properly and providing you with energy-savings. Contact your HVAC repairman today to have your home’s system examined and to plan for future repair needs.

8 Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Refrigerator

I get it, finding a refrigerator that fits your needs can be tough. I’ve lived in college housing for 6 years and shared an apartment for 7. Four people all purchasing different groceries and trying to stuff them in little drawers meant for a few vegetables is quite a chore.

However, as a family everyone shares refrigerator space and there still doesn’t seem to be much available, which is why you’ve decided it’s about time for an upgrade and if everyone wants to keep eating your delicious home cooked meals they’d better not argue about helping you pick out and stock a new one.

Refrigerator Purchasing 101

  1. First and what we hope is the most obvious suggestion is to find a fridge that fits in the space allotted in your kitchen. Measure the space to see exactly how big of a fridge you can fit without it being too tight of a squeeze. Remember you want a little breathing room because it will have to come back out someday and the door needs some room to swing open.
  2. Second, check the counter depth. Do you want it to sit flush with the cabinets? Do you care if it sticks out more or sits in a recess? These are all things that many of us forget to consider.
  3. Are you getting a small additional fridge or a large family sized one? Many mini fridges will sit right under the counter and just add a little extra storage space if necessary. This may be something to consider before purchasing a new one altogether.
  4. Do you want a side by side refrigerator and freezer or a top/bottom unit? Also, do you want the fancy ice maker, water dispenser, etc., or would you prefer the extra storage space?
  5. Is the majority of your family right or left handed? Did you know that depending on which side the handle is placed on you could have a fridge built just for you? Many people aren’t aware that there is a difference or that the difference is for a reason.
  6. Consider energy use. You may be able to get a tax break if you purchase energy efficient models. Check with tax codes before you decide what you’d like to do.
  7. Additionally, of course, choose something that matches your current dcor. It doesn’t make much sense to purchase a stark white fridge when everything in the kitchen is stainless steel or a wood one when everything is white and black, unless you simply don’t care. My suggestion would be to choose something that fit the rest of the kitchen and meets your needs.
  8. Lastly, don’t purchase an extra-large fridge if you will only need that size for the next year or so. If your family is moving out, then purchase something that will meet your needs. There is no reason to waste kitchen space and energy by purchasing a ginormous fridge that will only be useful for a few more months.

These are just some things to consider when purchasing an refrigerator for your home. You could probably come up with more.

Heidi Rothert writes for Mr. Appliance Salt Lake City to help boost internet awareness and draw traffic to their website to increase sales.

Whirlpool Freezers: Exploring Features and Functions

You may have shopped your way across many freezer brands just to see which one among them all best complements your storage needs. When it comes to freezers, whether for home or commercial settings, the name Whirlpool never fails to appear on the top freezer brands list.

Whirlpool is not only reputable for its high reliability scores in their freezers; the brand is also well reviewed for the range of Whirlpool freezer baskets that makes frozen food storage solutions super easy.

Some of the features, functions and general characteristics of most Whirlpool freezers –

o Most of the Whirlpool freezers, especially high end models, are made to be eco-friendly. They have an A Energy Rating, and some are compliant with the standards of Energy Star. Some are even HFC-free.

o Reversible door. An exterior design feature that allows you to decide if you want to swing the door to the left or to the right.

o Frost-free system. You need not have to manually defrost the fridge if the freezer has a frost-free system, allowing you to get rid of the accumulated frost without plugging off the appliance.

o Fast Freeze technology. Nothing secures efficient food preservation than a freezer that has a fast freeze function, allowing you to deep freeze food items even before they are risked for food spoilage.

o Space-optimized storage features. The storage features of freezers from Whirlpool come in the form of freezer baskets, specifically wire baskets. If you feel like you need more freezer baskets than the usual, then you can buy more from any parts / accessories store near you.

The selection of Whirlpool freezers available in the market today gives you a glimpse of how the brand truly gives value for the money that the consumers invest on them. The features and functions that are incorporated in Whirlpool freezers give the consumers the most for their money. Even most refrigerator reviews agree, both on the premise of predicted reliability scores and convenience, that Whirlpool appliances are worth the money.

Best Buys in Refrigerators

It is complex, if not impossible, to figure out the best buys in refrigerators as an across the board statements. Refrigerators are usually rated and tested based on various factors and variables. On a related note, these factors are usually prioritized by a number of potential buyers of fridges. For instance, a consumer intends to buy a fridge with an ice maker function, and so he or she will limit his or her search only in the best refrigerator to buy that have the best ice maker functionality.

In looking for the best deals when it comes to fridges, here are some of the things that you have to figure out –

o The best refrigerator to buy is always dependent on your personal needs and design requirements. If you need a refrigerator that’s space efficient and small, then go for compact models and don’t buy a huge fridge just because it appeals to you. Consider factors such as storage capacity, style and fridge type.

o Figure out your ideal refrigerator design (in terms of size, capacity, configuration, and type) before you even jumpstart shopping and exploring fridges in showrooms.

o The exterior design of the fridge may not contribute much to the cooling performance of the refrigerator itself but it sure does ensure you reliability and durability as well as style.
o As for the interior features, make sure that storage options and drawers provide you easy access and that theirs is a considerable flexibility in interior space, a better room for space optimization.

o Nothing is more important than buying a fridge that can ensure you consistent temperature, whether manual or digitally controlled.
o Energy Star rated refrigerators are highly recommended.

The best combination of performance and price – this best sums up a good deal in fridges.

The best deals when it comes to fridges can be found in authorized refrigeration centers and appliance stores, where technical services, warranty and shipping / delivery services are extended.

Ecologically Friendly Reusable Bags: A Superior Option

Each year Americans burn through almost 100,000,000 plastic shopping bags while bringing groceries home to the refrigerator. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is not a sustainable trend. Truthfully we cannot continue on living like this. The garbage and oceans are getting stuffed with these discarded plastic bags at an alarming rate.

Fortunately that there are better possibilities available for consumers today. Lots of people may believe that using paper bags is a good option; however, this may not be true. The reason for that is because the creation of paper bags involves cutting down timber. In fact, some experts believe that this makes paper bags more harmful to nature due to tree cutting. It is approximately 70% more wasteful to make paper bags over plastic ones.

Luckily for us that there are better alternatives.  For instance eco-friendly bags or cloth ones. Therefore the matter should not be paper or plastic, but which one or reusable bag. Reusable ones are obtainable everywhere today. They may be found in brick-and-mortar outlets and through using the internet small cottage industries. They can be produced from several different materials for instance organic cotton or canvas. Many food markets are starting to allow a 5 cent discount on groceries using a reusable bag. The cost of the bags can vary greatly. They might be as cheap as a single dollar or as much as $50 for one bag.

Many of the reusable ones that can be found on the net are made from working from home moms. These bags might are of a very high quality and generally costs more. When you buy a bag like this type online, you get several features from it. You can get specifically created ones of variety different sizes, colors and styles. You may also get a logo written on. The bag can be made to carry different items for instance produce or mass items.

Using all the different types of reusable bags, perhaps the preferred one is the reusable canvas grocery bag. They are maybe the most durable and classy looking bag. They are washed often after using, and they will look good as new anytime. The toughness of canvas bags is simply exceptional.

But even on a usage side canvas cloth bags are greater compared to plastic or paper bags. Remember that they can hold 2 to 3 times more stuff compared to paper or plastic. You will never have to fear one of these breaching or ripping while bringing home your groceries.

Refrigerator Sizes – How Much Fridge Do You Need?

Contrary to what some people say, size does matter – especially when it comes to choosing new refrigerator sizes. Consumers have different needs in terms of storage capacity, and experience different space constraints, so for a shopper it is important to look for a refrigerator that is appropriately sized for your needs.

When categorizing refrigerators by size there are three basic categories, these are small, medium and large fridge freezers.  The cheapest of these are usually mini refrigerators.  These typically have very small dimensions, which makes them perfect for small spaces in the house.  Many buyers pick out these units with the intent of using them as a freezerless refrigerator for a beverage center, or potentially as a budget refrigerator destined for a college dorm.  They are also good for small studio apartments.

A standard sized refrigerator is your typical top freezer or bottom freezer model.  These are relatively tall, but also pretty narrow. These refrigerator dimensions make them a good fit for your average middle class kitchen. If you have a small to medium sized family, you will find that the freezer and fridge compartments are just large enough to meet your requirements.

Larger refrigerators include units such as double door refrigerators.  These include side-by-side fridge freezers, and the more modern French Door refrigerator style.  These are typically fairly generous in their storage capacity so they are great for big families, or for smaller families who don’t like to visit the store too often.

Most shoppers will gravitate towards the largest available size that they can squeeze into their kitchen.  This approach to buying a new refrigerator certainly has its advantages, but there is one possible drawback.  Chilling a large refrigerator that is almost empty can use more electricity – and hence cost more – than cooling a small refrigerator filled to the brim with the same quantity of food.  If operating costs are a factor in your fridge buying decision, you may want to account for this.

There are many well-reviewed refrigerators – such as those from GE Monogram – available in all sorts of different sizes, and some of these fridge freezers are relatively cheap. If you have cash to spare you can opt for a more up-market model, most of which have more fancy features, but that is strictly optional.

No matter what sized refrigerator you eventually decide to purchase, make sure that you seek out a model that has excellent reviews, and which is a good bang for your buck.


Cheap Refrigerators – A Better Alternative

Cheap refrigerators, despite their low price, can sometimes be better than higher priced units. While a lot of consumers think that buying expensive refrigerators is the best way to go, this is not actually true for all cases. Many refrigerator reviews show that not all top-end and expensive refrigerator brands and models are as durable and efficient as they claim to be. In fact, many inexpensive refrigerators are better in terms of quality.

The only downside to discount refrigerators is that they often lack extra features such as ice and water dispensers, LCD monitors, auto-defrost systems and such others which would add costs to the unit. But to many,, these added features are not really as important as the unit’s basic function of preserving and chilling food. They are just added amenities and conveniences that one can do without.

There are many inexpensive refrigerators that are offered in the market today. These refrigerators vary from one another in many aspects since they are offered in different refrigerator sizes, designs and product make.

Refrigerator sizes vary depending on the type and model of the unit. They can differ in height, width and depth. Users can choose their refrigerator based on different dimensions that would best cater to their storage and special needs.

Generally, refrigerators are offered in three sizes: mini refrigerators, standard sized refrigerators and large sized refrigerators. Mini refrigerators are made small but compact so that they can fit in small nooks and areas. Users who have to deal with small spaces – such as those living in studio type apartments and college dormitories – find this type of unit a good match since they don’t occupy much space.

Standard sized refrigerators on the other hand are more suitable for average sized households which have small to medium sized families. These units have a reasonable capacity but can successfully be installed in a typical kitchen.

Meanwhile, large refrigerators like side by side fridge freezers are preferred by larger households.  These units require a lot of space to install, but do offer a whole lot of interior capacity for food and beverage storage.

If you are looking to purchase a new refrigeration solution, these cheaper refrigerators have a lot going for them.  You can get all the cooling space you need with a minimal outlay of cash.  Even the cheap brands found in department stores will provide a perfectly serviceable cooling solution for your homes kitchen.




GE Monogram Refrigerator

Consumers are very particular about the appliances they buy for their kitchen, opting for premium brands such as Sub-Zero or GE Monogram refrigerators.  They are choosy when it comes to product types and features and they are also particular about the brand name of their appliances. And why wouldn’t they be? Many people are actually very brand-conscious when buying any product at all. This is due to many reasons, one of which has something to do with status symbols.

Certain brands are considered to be luxurious. Therefore, when you purchase their expensive products, you do not just pay for the unit itself but for the label as well. For some people, having these brands may connote wealth and prosperity, which for them is very important. These high-end brands are usually considered as trendy too so if you have them you can be considered as modern and in-with-the-times.

Another more important reason for being brand-conscious may be that of brand reputation. For many costumers, brand integrity is important. They tend to lean more on companies that have been in the market longer and are known for their reliability because they have more experience and better understanding of the different needs of the consumers. These companies are already trusted by the consumers and their names are already synonymous to good quality.

When it comes to kitchen appliances, one of the most sought after brands is GE. Aside from their tenure, GE is favored by many customers because of their high performing and stylish products. They are one of the pioneering brands when it comes to kitchen appliances and they are still considered as one of the best in the market. They are the forerunners in manufacturing multi-faceted equipment that is known for both its function and style.

GE has various lines and series of appliances, each having their own fresh and unique designs. Recently they released their GE Monogram series, which are high-end, sophisticated appliances that look modern and professional. The GE Monogram refrigerator for example, looks contemporary with its stainless steel doors and avant-garde features. Aside from their great looks, these Monogram refrigerators only use state-of-the-art components and leading-edge technology that make each of their units the best and most efficient in the market.

One of the many advantages of buying a GE refrigerator freezer is that GE refrigerator parts are easily available. This may seem unimportant but in reality, this is one of the important factors that a consumer should consider before buying any refrigerator. When refrigerator from other brands have problems with their refrigerator parts, users usually have a hard time finding replacements. Sometimes, they don’t find any at all and they end up buying a new unit instead since theirs cannot be repaired due to lack of replacement parts. However, if they purchase a GE refrigerator, they wouldn’t have to deal with this problem. If ever you should need to have your refrigerator repaired, you can easily buy refrigerator parts to have the broken ones replaced.