Whirlpool Freezers: Exploring Features and Functions

You may have shopped your way across many freezer brands just to see which one among them all best complements your storage needs. When it comes to freezers, whether for home or commercial settings, the name Whirlpool never fails to appear on the top freezer brands list. Whirlpool is not only reputable for its high […] Read more »

Best Buys in Refrigerators

It is complex, if not impossible, to figure out the best buys in refrigerators as an across the board statements. Refrigerators are usually rated and tested based on various factors and variables. On a related note, these factors are usually prioritized by a number of potential buyers of fridges. For instance, a consumer intends to […] Read more »

Freezerless Refrigerators

Freezerless refrigerators are great for those needing to chill large quantities of food.  Many applications require this, but do not have a requirement for freezing functionality.  In situations like this an all-refrigerator (or refrigerator without freezer) makes a whole lot of sense. Shoppers looking for a quality freezerless refrigerator have many brands to choose from […] Read more »

Refrigerator Sizes – How Much Fridge Do You Need?

Contrary to what some people say, size does matter – especially when it comes to choosing new refrigerator sizes. Consumers have different needs in terms of storage capacity, and experience different space constraints, so for a shopper it is important to look for a refrigerator that is appropriately sized for your needs. When categorizing refrigerators […] Read more »

Cheap Refrigerators – A Better Alternative

Cheap refrigerators, despite their low price, can sometimes be better than higher priced units. While a lot of consumers think that buying expensive refrigerators is the best way to go, this is not actually true for all cases. Many refrigerator reviews show that not all top-end and expensive refrigerator brands and models are as durable […] Read more »

Refrigerator Reviews

Exploring a good refrigerator review website is a critical step in the purchase of a new fridge freezer.  These appliances are major purchases, and it only makes sense to do your research before investing large sums of cash in a new product. There are many different aspects to consider when looking for a well-reviewed refrigerator.  […] Read more »

GE Monogram Refrigerator

Consumers are very particular about the appliances they buy for their kitchen, opting for premium brands such as Sub-Zero or GE Monogram refrigerators.  They are choosy when it comes to product types and features and they are also particular about the brand name of their appliances. And why wouldn’t they be? Many people are actually […] Read more »