Ecologically Friendly Reusable Bags: A Superior Option

Each year Americans burn through almost 100,000,000 plastic shopping bags while bringing groceries home to the refrigerator. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is not a sustainable trend. Truthfully we cannot continue on living like this. The garbage and oceans are getting stuffed with these discarded plastic bags at an alarming rate.

Fortunately that there are better possibilities available for consumers today. Lots of people may believe that using paper bags is a good option; however, this may not be true. The reason for that is because the creation of paper bags involves cutting down timber. In fact, some experts believe that this makes paper bags more harmful to nature due to tree cutting. It is approximately 70% more wasteful to make paper bags over plastic ones.

Luckily for us that there are better alternatives.  For instance eco-friendly bags or cloth ones. Therefore the matter should not be paper or plastic, but which one or reusable bag. Reusable ones are obtainable everywhere today. They may be found in brick-and-mortar outlets and through using the internet small cottage industries. They can be produced from several different materials for instance organic cotton or canvas. Many food markets are starting to allow a 5 cent discount on groceries using a reusable bag. The cost of the bags can vary greatly. They might be as cheap as a single dollar or as much as $50 for one bag.

Many of the reusable ones that can be found on the net are made from working from home moms. These bags might are of a very high quality and generally costs more. When you buy a bag like this type online, you get several features from it. You can get specifically created ones of variety different sizes, colors and styles. You may also get a logo written on. The bag can be made to carry different items for instance produce or mass items.

Using all the different types of reusable bags, perhaps the preferred one is the reusable canvas grocery bag. They are maybe the most durable and classy looking bag. They are washed often after using, and they will look good as new anytime. The toughness of canvas bags is simply exceptional.

But even on a usage side canvas cloth bags are greater compared to plastic or paper bags. Remember that they can hold 2 to 3 times more stuff compared to paper or plastic. You will never have to fear one of these breaching or ripping while bringing home your groceries.