Freezerless Refrigerators

Freezerless refrigerators are great for those needing to chill large quantities of food.  Many applications require this, but do not have a requirement for freezing functionality.  In situations like this an all-refrigerator (or refrigerator without freezer) makes a whole lot of sense.

Shoppers looking for a quality freezerless refrigerator have many brands to choose from in todays’ market place.  I briefly explore some of the better options below.

GE Monogram Freezerless Refrigerator Options

The GE Monogram product lineup includes quite a few 36″ built-in Freezerless Fridges.  With a generous 21.4 cu. Ft. of refrigerated space the GE Monogram ZIRP360NXLH, ZIR360NXLH, ZIRS360NXLH, ZIR360NXRH, ZIRZ360NXRH, and ZIRP360NXRH come complete with all the features you would expect from this premium brand.

If you are looking for a smaller option then I heartily recommend the GE Monogram ZIF240P; which is small refrigerator great for tight spaces.  Also on offer is the ZDOD240P, an all-refrigerator unit suitable for outdoor use.

Sub Zero Freezerless Refrigerators

The firm Sub Zero is well represented in the stand-alone refrigerator arena.  At 36 inches in width, both the Sub Zero BI36R and the Sub-Zero 636TR are very appealing integrated refrigerators.  Also on offer is the BI36GR, a glass door refrigerator with similar attributes to the BI36R.

Compact Sub Zero refrigerator models include the IC27R and 7002R.  These small energy efficient fridges are great additions if you have a high-end home, but they are rather expensive.

Whirlpool and Frigidaire Freezerless Refrigerators

Whirlpool Freezerless Refrigerators reviews are somewhat mixed, but the EL88TRRWS garners relatively positive comments.  This particular unit provides almost 18 cu. Ft of refrigerated space in a 30-inch wide footprint, and has a style metallic finish.

Fans of Frigidaire refrigerators do not have to do without either, there is a wide range of stand alone refrigerators available from this manufacturer.  At 17.6 cu ft. in capacity, the Frigidaire FRU17B2JW and FRU17G4JW are relatively large for the low-end models.  For extra space, the Professional FPRH19D7LF offers over 18 cubic feet of storage.

For commercial users I recommend the heavy-duty food service grade FCRS201RFB and FCRS201LFB, which feature close to 20 cubic feet of refrigeration capacity apiece.  These appliances are available with glass doors so make great display refrigerators.

Liebherr Stand Alone Refrigerator Models

Liebherr – which is somewhat of a boutique manufacturer – provides a selection of 24 inch wide built in refrigerators suitable for high priced kitchen renovations. Their models include the energy star rated Liebherr R1410, RB1410, RBI1410 and RI1410.  These units do not come cheap however.


Thermador All Refrigerator Models

Another top end manufacturer is Thermador, but their products are generally very high quality. They offer freezerless refrigerators in widths of both 2 feet and 2.5 feet. The TR24IR70NSP – wood fronted – and T24BR70FSE – stainless steel – are two very attractive refrigerator only units.

For extra capacity, opt for the 30 inch models, the T30IR70NSP and the T30BR70FSE refrigerator without freezer models.  Any of these units will serve a homeowner well.

Viking Freezerless Refrigerators

Viking is very proud of its freezerless refrigerators, something that is immediately obvious from the prices they charge!  Included in their popular selection are a couple of built-in units from their Professional selection, the VCRB536RX and VCRB536LX 36 inch models. Also available are some similar integrated Viking refrigerator models, the VIRB536RX and VIRB536LX.

If you have a smaller kitchen, any of these more compact 30-inch models make a great freezerless refrigerator option – the VCRB530LX, VIRB530RX and VCRB530RX.

Northland and Miele Refrigerators without Freezers

While relatively unknown, even these manufactures offer refrigerators without freezers. Northland has a range of units that is quite extensive, ranging from 18 to 36 inches in width. The 18ARW and 18ARS are great if you need a narrow refrigerator for your kitchen.

At 24 inches wide the 24ARW and 24ARS offer a bit more space.  For a full sized unit consider the relatively large 36ARW and 36ARS, two fine Northland refrigerator offerings.

The Miele refrigerator selection includes the 36-inch Independence K1901, an integrated freezerless refrigerator.  A slightly smaller option is the Miele Independence K1801, which is merely 30 inches wide.

.Electrolux Freezerless Refrigerator Choices

There are only two all refrigerator selections available from Electrolux.  First comes the ICON Professional E32AR75JPS, and secondly the IQ-Touch EI32AR65JS.  Size wise these are almost identical – width of 32 inches, capacity of 18.6 cu ft. – but the ICON model costs somewhat more, and has additional features.

Summit Chest Refrigerator Options

Summit is relatively unique in this field, as it offers some freezerless refrigerators in chest format.  These can be very energy efficient, which makes them popular in off grid situations.

Labeled as commercial, the Summit SCFR150, SCFR220 and SCFR260 offer from 15 to 23 cubic feet of refrigerated space in chest form.  This is a convenient configuration that is quite viable when floor space is not limited.

Summit also produces regular upright refrigerators without freezers.  In this range the Summit Commercial SCUR17 and SCUR20 good options, and are engineered for heavy usage.  For home applications, the less expensive R17FF is another good offering.

Clearly, there is no shortage of great freezerless refrigerators available to buyers.  With this list at your fingertips, you should have no trouble finding the right model for your needs!