Refrigerator Sizes – How Much Fridge Do You Need?

Contrary to what some people say, size does matter – especially when it comes to choosing new refrigerator sizes. Consumers have different needs in terms of storage capacity, and experience different space constraints, so for a shopper it is important to look for a refrigerator that is appropriately sized for your needs.

When categorizing refrigerators by size there are three basic categories, these are small, medium and large fridge freezers.  The cheapest of these are usually mini refrigerators.  These typically have very small dimensions, which makes them perfect for small spaces in the house.  Many buyers pick out these units with the intent of using them as a freezerless refrigerator for a beverage center, or potentially as a budget refrigerator destined for a college dorm.  They are also good for small studio apartments.

A standard sized refrigerator is your typical top freezer or bottom freezer model.  These are relatively tall, but also pretty narrow. These refrigerator dimensions make them a good fit for your average middle class kitchen. If you have a small to medium sized family, you will find that the freezer and fridge compartments are just large enough to meet your requirements.

Larger refrigerators include units such as double door refrigerators.  These include side-by-side fridge freezers, and the more modern French Door refrigerator style.  These are typically fairly generous in their storage capacity so they are great for big families, or for smaller families who don’t like to visit the store too often.

Most shoppers will gravitate towards the largest available size that they can squeeze into their kitchen.  This approach to buying a new refrigerator certainly has its advantages, but there is one possible drawback.  Chilling a large refrigerator that is almost empty can use more electricity – and hence cost more – than cooling a small refrigerator filled to the brim with the same quantity of food.  If operating costs are a factor in your fridge buying decision, you may want to account for this.

There are many well-reviewed refrigerators – such as those from GE Monogram – available in all sorts of different sizes, and some of these fridge freezers are relatively cheap. If you have cash to spare you can opt for a more up-market model, most of which have more fancy features, but that is strictly optional.

No matter what sized refrigerator you eventually decide to purchase, make sure that you seek out a model that has excellent reviews, and which is a good bang for your buck.